Efficient, effective and professional service delivery

Our team of highly experienced, qualified vehicle damage assessment experts provide a range of vehicle damage estimates for independent repairers. Services include assistance to non-fault accident claims management companies, providing detailed damage assessments and linking these to third party insurers.

We support independent repairers through our simple fixed pricing structure and expert advice that speeds up the repair authority process, and are able to integrate seamlessly into customer’s management systems. Dependent on the size of your business and the requirement for estimates, we can offer a tiered system for estimating services and can estimate in Audatex and Jarvis-GT Estimate. 

Our SLA’s are second-to-none with quality time served estimators engineering from images supplied from the repairer.

We can promptly supply a full range of estimates. Desktop image reports are invaluable when it is not possible to physically inspect a vehicle due to circumstances.

Fully qualified estimating excellence

Our vehicle damage assessors’ experience and expertise ensures all our client’s requirements are met with accuracy and efficiency.

Flexible estimating in all major platforms

We can offer a tiered system for estimating services and can estimate in both Audatex and Jarvis-GT Estimate.

Unrivalled vehicle damage assessment experience

Our team of vehicle damage assessors all have experience in vehicle damage estimating and assessment.