Choose an estimate from our simple fixed pricing structure

Vehicle Estimate UK’s simple fixed pricing structure is designed to support independent repairers and speed up the repair authority process, linking repairers to insurance and accident management companies through the Audatex and Jarvis-GT Estimating System.

Monthly subscription
Vehicle Estimate UK offers a monthly subscription for estimating services. Why not save yourself time, money, and HR hassle by using this tried and tested service. Call now 07869 091313 for more information or contact

Standard Estimate in the Bodyshops own Estimating enviroment
We will prepare a detailed estimate based on the information and images you provide.  You can create your own estimate shell and upload images and we can estimate from here or we can create the full estimate in your own estimating environment. We will need to understand

your agreement in terms of pricing etc if this is not a retail job.

Fully Managed Estimate created in Audatex or Jarvis
If you don’t have access to your own estimating software, we are able to provide this for you.  We can do the same as reating a Standard Estimate without the need for abodyshop to adopt a cost heavy subscription to an estimating platform. Ideal if you need to use on a one-off basis. The estimate can be networked (sent) to an Insurer/Accident Management Company/Assessor with your images for review and authority.  Included in the price are any supplementary reports resulting from the original estimate.

Commercial Vehicle Estimate
If a vehicle model isn’t in the Audatex/Jarvis-GT Estimate
Model List, we can prepare a manually aided computerised estimate. This type of estimate is based on opinion times and materials calculations.


Choose an estimate from above, then complete the estimate request form below with all relevant, available information and images.
The estimate will be based on the images and repair notes you have provided so it’s important to be as precise as possible. Your completed estimate will be fully costed with part numbers and paint materials costs. We can also produce a less detailed customer estimate copy.
If we need further information we will contact you. 

1. Include all the information you have available
2. Upload your images ensuring you clearly show the damaged areas
3. Add any notes about the repair that will help us to help you maximise repairs costs
4. Choose the type of estimate you require; Standard, Fully Managed or Commercial

If you need to add or alter any of the details after having submitted the form, please email us at:

Important: Suppling photos of the vehicle damage

Please attach at least
10 images to include:
• Each profile of the vehicle
• Mileage/Odometer
•VIN Number
• Vehicle interior
• PLUS images of damage*

*Please ensure that the correct areas are photographed to give our vehicle damage assessment experts the accident damage detail they will need to make an assessment.